Plants, Plants, Everywhere

Like so many other primary classrooms, the firsties are deeply engrossed in a study of plants!  Check out what we’re learning!

Favorite Plants Graph

We graphed our favorite plants.  Apparently nobody likes trees.  😉



We used our graph to analyze our class data on personal graphs.


Bean SproutBean Sprout

We’ve been germinating green bean seeds on our classroom window.  Check them out!  Some are growing right out of the baggies!  Of course, like all good scientists, we’re recording our observations in our germination journals.

Science Journal

We have investigated the properties and characteristics of soil through a soil dig.  Again, we record and collect our findings.  Some of us thought the wet soil was really gross.  🙂

Soil Dig1Soil Dig2






Soil Dig3Soil Dig4







As you can see, the firsties have been extremely busy!  There is so much to learn!  Ask your child to share something they learned with you!  🙂


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