Welcome, 2013-2014 Firsties!

Welcome, 2013-2014 Firsties!

There is nothing more exciting than a brand-new school year! Well, maybe a tropical cruise (HA!), but for teachers, the beginning of a new year represents so much: a fresh start, a chance to meet a whole new set of eager learners, and the thrill of organization! I mean honestly, who doesn’t adore the scent of a freshly sharpened pencil? Anticipate the first opening of a row of newly minted crayons? Bliss.

Anyway, this first grade teacher simply CAN NOT WAIT to meet all of the new firsties! Families, your child should have already received their welcome gift and a little “all about me” banner. If they’ve already filled it out, bring it with you to tonight’s 2013-2014 Parent Orientation. We will hang it with pride in your child’s assigned work spot so that everyone in our school can get to know each other.

Did I mention I was excited? I’m excited.

Come at 7pm to hear a little about how we can work together to make your child’s first grade year the best year ever! See you tonight!

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