Beth Moore: Grace



On Saturday, I went to the Living Proof Live Simulcast to hear Beth Moore speak on grace.  I can’t really articulate exactly how blessed, encouraged, and broken I was by the Word she brought to us.  I think as teachers, we work so hard to try to meet every single need of every single student and every single family, but the truth is that not only can we physically not do that, we don’t have to do that.  We are free to be the best we can for our students and to allow God to do the rest.  A lot of my personal struggle stems from my sinful desire to be perfect and my “head-knowledge” that I’m not and I can’t be.  I fail each and every day, but it’s okay, because God has given me a place to be drenched in His perfection, to be consumed by His grace in a way that allows me to simply serve in this amazing ministry.  To live out Ephesians 4:32 and just “GRACE PEOPLE.”

Did you know that God is never disappointed with us?  Never.  Disappointment comes from an expectation that has not been met.  God does not have expectations of us.  Disappointment is a human emotion.  He is only ever displeased, and only then with our lack of faith!  We are called to obedience, and the number one obedience is that of faith.  If I’m not doing that in my practical life; if I can’t relinquish that control over my students’ learning, then there is really no room for God to move, for God’s grace to abound not only in my own life but in the lives of my students.

Well.  No longer.

Romans 5:1-2




















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