A Peek at Our Week

This week in the Patience Fruit Stand, the firsties were busy determining importance while reading. They were encouraged to ask, “what does the author think is the most important thing in this book?” and to find details to support that idea. They asked, “what’s the author’s message? How do we know? How does that help me understand what I’m reading? Which details are really important?” We did that through each and every story we read aloud this week. Ask your firstie what the most important thing was in The Other Side, A House for Hermit Crab, or Big Al, and how they know it was the most important thing.

Big Al

The Other Side

A House for Hermit Crab



In Writer’s Workshop, we talked about how good writers choose great titles for their stories. We read several books throughout the week without disclosing the titles and had students suggest title ideas. We learned that the best titles give the reader an idea of what the book will be about without giving away the ending. We shared books from the library and talked about whether or not they had titles that matched the stories inside. We also worked on making sure our stories have good organization; each one should have an interesting beginning, a problem in the middle, and an ending that solves the problem. While reading Never, Ever, Shout in a Zoo! we realized that without organization, a story could become chaotic! Stories should have great endings, too. Some of the firsties wrote books and stories this week with surprise endings!

Our Bible study this week centered around Christ’s building his Church. Students started the week by discussing what makes a strong building: a good foundation, sturdy walls, and a strong roof to protect whatever is inside. They brainstormed ways that members of the church are like a strong building, and concluded that the pastors, teachers, missionaries, and families that make up Christ’s Church all have special roles to play in bringing people to Him and bringing about God’s Kingdom. They now understand that the Church isn’t just a building we go to to worship; it’s a living, breathing body of believers that work to serve Jesus.  This week we build churches out of blocks and graham crackers (YUM) and shared what made working as a team hard or worthwhile.

20140327_131620 20140327_131831 20140327_131848 20140327_131935 20140327_131942 20140327_132032 20140327_132033 20140327_132039 20140327_132157 20140327_132237 20140327_132259 20140327_132319 20140327_132410 20140327_132450 20140327_132507 20140327_132553 20140327_132557

In Social Studies, we wrapped up our learning about mapping. Children learned the differences and similarities between maps and globes, and their different uses. They learned the differences between continents, countries, states, and cities, and worked on a week-long project to show that understanding. Check them out on the wall across from the Patience Fruit Stand!  They learned to identify our own continent, country, and state, including our state capital, how to read and navigate maps, how to use a map legend, and how to use a compass rose.  Ask your firstie the silly phrase they learned to remember the cardinal directions!  😉

In math, we reviewed and built on many different skills, including addition, subtraction, measurement, and counting money. Students played games in their math tubs to reinforce these skills while I worked with each small group.  Ask your firstie about their favorite math tub activity this week!  I failed at taking pictures during math tubs this week (sorry!), so I’ll leave you with this little “brain break” gem instead:

Have a great weekend!


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