It’s May!

Whaaaaat!?  How is it possibly already MAY?  Didn’t we just start this school year a few days ago?  I feel like I was just putting up bulletin board boarders and labeling book boxes with my sweet firsties’ precious names!

Well, after a week of Spring Break and two weeks of achievement testing, we’re finally back into the swing of our regular routines and schedule. Homework will start back up again and we’ll start learning about a new Author of the Month!  Information about this quarter’s project went home this past week and I can’t wait to see everyone’s creative ideas for serving others.

I think my pregnancy brain is blocking my ability to remember to get out my camera to capture what we’re up to, so here’s a little of what we’ve been doing outside of our testing time.  You know, when I remember to take pictures!!!  😉

20140502_141044 20140502_143129 20140502_143058

Anthony explains what happens when soil is sieved while Jehlani demonstrates the process.20140502_142447 20140502_141131 20140501_140315

Kayla and Olivia discuss how to write how much money we’ve collected since the beginning of the school year using both a cents symbol as well as dollars and cents notation.20140501_135719 20140501_115825

Kylie, budding florist.


The “mouse bouquet” given to me by a sweet firstie!


Lena and Kylie organize number cards with different number representations on them. Are they equal or not equal?


Madilyn and Jehlani use a number card and find the numbers that are one more, one less, ten more, and ten less and record them on a dry-erase board.20140428_142427 20140428_142321

While playing a game to reinforce geometry skills, James creates a shape creature and records it on a piece of paper.

Anthony solves a number story problem in his math journal, coming up with at least three different ways to show his answer.


Brennan explains to me why he thinks these pennies were tossed evenly as heads and tails in a probability experiment.20140428_141952 20140423_142000

Olivia sorts everyday objects by shape type using the SMARTboard.20140423_141113

Anthony matches shapes and their geometry names.20140423_135918 20140423_135934

Lena reviews shapes and number concepts with her firstie friends!


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