Just a few highlights

This week in the Patience Fruit Stand the firsties were immersed and engaged in all kinds of learning.  Here are a few highlights!

In reader’s workshop, we learned that good readers use their schema to make connections. We reviewed that schema is all the sights, tastes, textures, smells, and sounds we’ve ever experienced.  Using schema requires good readers to think (and after all, reading is thinking!) about all the things they know, want to know, or learned from a text. We used familiar objects, sounds, and textures to determine what we had schema about, and used those things to make connections to the books we read.

In writer’s workshop, we’re working through the stages of the writing process. Students are working at their own pace and building the skills they need the most during small group or one-on-one writer’s conferences. This means that some students are working on revising and editing drafts, rewriting final drafts, or illustrating their work. Several students have already published their first stories, which are hanging on the wall in our classroom for others to read.  They are so proud of themselves and their progress!

In Bible, we’ve been learning all about Moses, the 10 Commandments, and Moses’ experience leading the Israelites through the desert. The firsties have been working hard on creating a book in which they write and illustrate each commandment throughout the week.  To culminate our learning, we cooked our own version of manna, the special food God sent from heaven to nourish His people. Of course, we know that what we made isn’t true manna – that can only come from God – but we found a recipe that approximates what it might have been like (sweet like honey, fine and flaky). Reviews were mixed.  Some of us “totally love that stuff!” while others were less enthusiastic. “Manna is disgusting!”  Ha. Considering the major ingredients were olive oil and flour, I can see why some might have been less-than-thrilled.


Pretending to catch manna falling from the sky 🙂

In math this week we focused on finding patterns in numbers, measurement, using math tools cooperatively, elapsed time, and fact families. Although students are finding elapsed time a challenging concept, it is their current favorite calendar activity!

20141007_123148 20141007_122954 20141007_122643 20141007_122633 20141007_122623

Social studies this week centered around past, present and future. We learned about timelines and how they show measured time.  We even illustrated and wrote our own timeline about our lives. We started learning about schools of the past and compared them to our own school experiences (another opportunity to use our schema!). Ask your firstie what they know about horn books!

We finished our fall tree art project, which turned out beautifully. Look for them on the walls next week!

On Friday, to celebrate fire safety week, we received a visit from the fire department. The fire fighters reviewed important fire safety information with us, such as what to do if you or your clothes catch on fire, and how not to be afraid of the masked fire fighters if they need to come into your house to rescue you.


I’m looking forward to another great week in first grade!

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