Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I turned on the radio the other afternoon while leaving the CCA parking lot, only to be shocked to hear Christmas songs start playing!  What in the world?  I guess Christmas heard that winter came early this week.  Poor Thanksgiving gets shoved aside a little earlier and earlier each year. It’s a shame, when we have so much to be Thankful for!

One thing we’re thankful for in the Patience Fruit Stand is our veterans. We celebrated Veterans’ Day on Tuesday by learning all about the different branches of the military and about the sacrifices veterans make while serving our country. The firsties did a little writing to express their gratitude. Please check out their work in the front hallway! Here’s a little sneak peak!


The firsties have been learning about nouns and verbs over the past two weeks. We learned that a noun is a person, place, or thing, “like Betty, Florida, tree, and string.”  Ask your firstie to sing you a little song to help you remember. 🙂  We also learned a little about pronouns and how they should be used, and the difference between common and proper nouns.  We searched for both nouns and verbs in just about every story we read together, and I even had firsties coming to me during Reader’s Workshop to point out nouns or verbs they’d found while reading!  So exciting!

20141113_165224 20141113_163020 20141113_163025

We have also been learning about legible handwriting. The point of writing something is to share a message, whether it’s a story, list, or set of directions. If the reader can’t read it, it might as well have not been written at all! We practiced using our best handwriting during Writer’s Workshop and pointed out when Mrs. Rhodes’ writing got a little wacky! We discovered that legible handwriting is the best kind because it’s easiest to read.  Many students have published stories, which are hanging in our classroom. Ask your firstie where they are in the writing process. Some firsties have published more than one story!

In Bible, we’ve been learning about how Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan and took the city of Jericho. We talked about how God can do great things when we obey Him instead of doing the popular thing, like when Noah listened to God even when everyone thought he was crazy, or when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, even though he was scared and stuttered, or when Caleb and Joshua were faithful instead of wanting to give up upon seeing the giant Canaanites.  We compared God’s miracles of parting the Red Sea and drying up the Jordan River, and thought about what might have happened if Moses or Joshua hadn’t followed God.  Most importantly, the firsties learned to “be strong and courageous” in the face of adversity!

In math, we’ve continued our work in our math tubs.  Firsties have been sorting addition sentences by the sum, practicing counting forward and backward to 100, comparing numbers, practicing elapsed time, and solving addition and subtraction number stories. Different groups of students have been working with me on building number fluency and basic skills. You can practice at home by having your child tell time to the hour and then ask what time it will be in _____ hours, or give a starting and ending time and asking them to find the number of hours that have passed. This is one of their favorite activities during calendar time!  Give your firstie a word problem (we call them number stories) and have them not only solve it, but also write a number sentence to match!  Number stories that ask student to compare numbers (how many more or how many less) are especially tricky.

20141114_141643 20141114_143233 20141114_143538 20141114_143644 20141114_143726 20141114_143905 20141114_144413 20141114_144536

In science and social studies, we started reading Ox-Cart Man and thinking about all the work that needs to be completed on a farm. Students used the book to help them graph the types of work the family did and compared those jobs to what work they are responsible for at home. They were shocked to discover all the work that the son and daughter had to do!  Ask your child which family member completed the majority of the tasks. You might be surprised!

ox cart cover

We have some great fall artwork up in the halls. Come check out our bats, scarecrows, and soon, our magnified fall leaves!

20141113_163116 20141113_163113 20141113_163057 20141113_163051 20141113_163035

Have a magnificent weekend, and stay warm out there!