Farmers Market Field Trip

The second quarter was all about Ox-Cart Man, during which we learned all about economics, money and trade, 18th-century and modern farming methods, the science behind food growth and preparation, animal life cycles, sustainability, and trust in the Lord. To round out our learning, we traveled to the Virginia Beach Farmers Market where we got to experience some of these things first hand!

Our guide, Ms. Mary, helped us make connections between our book and all of the things we experienced that day. Check it out! Some of the things we did included visiting the market and gardens, grinding corn into meal, sprouting seeds, touching different animal coverings, textiles, and fabrics, sorting fruits and vegetables by kind, priming and pumping water into a basin for washing clothes, hand-washing laundry and hanging it to dry, milking a fiberglass cow, churning cream into butter, and visiting a real butcher shop, bakery, and creamery, where we got to sample fresh ice cream!

20141219_093209 20141219_105227 20141219_105216
20141219_103911 20141219_103810 20141219_103754
20141219_103647 20141219_103634 20141219_103454 20141219_103316
20141219_103151 20141219_103125 20141219_10305620141219_102824 20141219_102700 20141219_102646 20141219_102639 20141219_10261720141219_102443 20141219_10233820141219_102232 20141219_102052 20141219_101914 20141219_101856 20141219_101821 20141219_101752
20141219_101738(0) 20141219_101725 20141219_101722 20141219_101652 20141219_101644 20141219_101638 20141219_101603 20141219_101429 20141219_101418 20141219_101348 20141219_101145
20141219_100347 20141219_100050 20141219_100335 20141219_09443420141219_094134 20141219_09323820141219_083342

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