What’s the Weather?

This week we wrapped up our learning about weather and the water cycle!  Through this unit, we observed changes and collected data about the weather, including the weather patterns we could see and in reading the temperature.

20150410_172652 20150410_172549 20150410_172536

We learned about different ways scientists measure weather information, such as using thermometers, rain gauges, weather vanes, and radar to track temperature, rainfall levels, wind direction and weather patterns. We read many books about weather, including Why is the Sky Blue?, Hurricanes and Tornadoes, Weather, and Discovery Kids: Weather. We also talked about tides and how the moon can affect our weather patterns.

15 - 1

Ask your child to teach you about the water cycle!  We know that the earth is made up of over 70% water. We learned that the earth isn’t given new water, it simply recycles the water we’ve always had since creation.  We were able to simulate the water cycle in our classroom, and even created a cloud and made it rain!  As your firstie to tell you how that happens. We also learned that since the water we have is all we will ever have, we should take care of it. Pollution can ruin the water in our lakes, rivers, and oceans, so we must be good stewards of what God has given us and take care of our environment.

20150409_145042 20150409_145423 20150409_145058 20150409_151810 20150408_170806

How does the earth receive water from the sky? Precipitation! Ask your firstie to tell you about the four types and how they occur.

20150408_170643 20150408_170636 20150408_170626

The firsties are so excited that we’re finally able to enjoy warmer, spring-like weather, and are thrilled to get outside this weekend and enjoy it!

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