Missing Addends, Star of the Week, & Veterans Day

In order to build our fact power, students in the Patience Fruit Stand had to work to find the missing addend in addition sentences. This required lots of thinking as the firsties used strategies such as subtraction, counting on, and their fact power memory to play games, build towers, and solve story problems. This is a TRICKY, TRICKY skill, requiring a full understanding of how numbers work!20151110_114318 20151110_114334 20151111_115101 20151111_115854 20151111_115856 20151113_133809 20151113_133951 20151113_134003

We also spent time honoring our nation’s veterans and learning about the different branches of the military. Mrs. Ursua visited and shared with us all about her job while in the navy. We got to see photographs of what her job entails and even try on navy uniforms worn by her and Mr. Ursua!

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Another highlight of the week was celebrating our Star of the Week: Abigail! Each day Abigail shared something special with us, and at the end of the week received a book of letters the class wrote for her!

20151110_085358 20151110_085542 20151110_085938 20151113_095145 20151113_095922 20151113_100301 20151113_101650

November is here!

ox cart man pic

In the Patience Fruit Stand, the firsties began working with our second quarter literature, Ox-Cart Man. We compared this text to several others about the seasons of farming and discovered that farmers have many changing responsibilities throughout each season, depending on what crops they produce. We started thinking about what it means to be a producer, consumer, buyer, and seller and connected these ideas to our own experiences through writing. We also compared the life of the Ox-cart family to our lives today and thought about ways in which it was very different and ways in which families are still the same!

In Bible, the firsties have been focused on learning about the 10 plagues of Egypt. We even turned water to blood! Well, not really; but we did observe how even one drop can quickly contaminate the whole supply!

20151102_134450 20151102_134602

Frogs invaded our classroom (Y’all, I thought I took  picture – they turned out to be the cutest frogs ever! Some had mustaches. Stop by the room and check them out while they’re still up!).

The firsties suffered many bites from the biting insects and fleas! They were really sad about it, as you can see. Oh, the suffering.

20151103_140039 20151103_140051 20151103_140059 20151103_140107 20151103_140111 20151103_140117 20151103_140137 20151103_140216 20151103_140222

We were also attacked by (giant) flies, grossed out by the idea of dead/rotting livestock (much like our rotting pumpkin – its life cycle continues outside),20151106_113142

plagued by large, festering boils, bludgeoned by a hailstorm, surrounded by locusts, blinded by, well, blindness (we made glasses with solid, dark lenses – made it pretty hard to see!), yet protected from death by the blood we marked on our doors for Passover.

I’m looking forward to seeing what next week brings!

We’re “Batty” for First Grade!

One of the things the firsties learned about this week is BATS! We read several nonfiction books and articles about bats and watched a short video clip of the largest bat colony in the world to see how bats swoop and glide. We created bats and learned about all of their parts. Many firsties were surprised to learn that a bat’s wing is really like one large hand with thin skin stretched in between each finger! We learned all about what bats eat, and that although different bats have different diets, none of them like to drink human blood – a few firsties thought they did! Did you know that a bat can eat approximately 600 mosquitos in an hour? The firsties worked in groups to count out 600 mosquitos and serve them up on dinner plates. 🙂 We recorded our learning throughout the week on our bat chart, and used the information we collected to write about bats.

20151028_17000520151030_173216 20151030_173148

     20151028_141048 20151028_140958 20151028_140839 20151028_140612 20151028_14053620151028_16595120151030_17311520151030_173041

Last quarter we learned about community helpers, and since October was also Fire Prevention month, we scheduled a visit to the fire station! We’re so blessed to have a station right across the street. 🙂 We got to tour the entire fire house, and learned so many things about these men and women who serve our community! Inside, we got to see their office, kitchen, weight room, lockers, and bedrooms. Did you know that they sleep and eat in the fire house? Did you know that all the food and other staples they buy to share at work is purchased out-of-pocket? We learned what to do in a fire, not to be scared of the uniform in case of an emergency, and that we should all know our own home address so that emergency responders know where to go! Finally, everyone got to hear the siren and sit behind the wheel of the truck and pretend to drive. Our visit was SO much fun!

20151028_103100 20151028_110146 20151028_110237 20151028_110256 20151028_110317 20151028_110356 20151028_110452 20151028_110535 20151028_110602 20151028_110634 20151028_110659 20151028_110713 20151028_110728 20151028_110806 20151028_110829 20151028_110851 20151028_110912 20151028_110933

On Friday, we practiced following a recipe and writing instructions for others to follow. We made “Franken-snacks” out of rice krispie treats, icing, and sprinkles, and then wrote about the process. Check out our delicious learning!

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