November is here!

ox cart man pic

In the Patience Fruit Stand, the firsties began working with our second quarter literature, Ox-Cart Man. We compared this text to several others about the seasons of farming and discovered that farmers have many changing responsibilities throughout each season, depending on what crops they produce. We started thinking about what it means to be a producer, consumer, buyer, and seller and connected these ideas to our own experiences through writing. We also compared the life of the Ox-cart family to our lives today and thought about ways in which it was very different and ways in which families are still the same!

In Bible, the firsties have been focused on learning about the 10 plagues of Egypt. We even turned water to blood! Well, not really; but we did observe how even one drop can quickly contaminate the whole supply!

20151102_134450 20151102_134602

Frogs invaded our classroom (Y’all, I thought I took  picture – they turned out to be the cutest frogs ever! Some had mustaches. Stop by the room and check them out while they’re still up!).

The firsties suffered many bites from the biting insects and fleas! They were really sad about it, as you can see. Oh, the suffering.

20151103_140039 20151103_140051 20151103_140059 20151103_140107 20151103_140111 20151103_140117 20151103_140137 20151103_140216 20151103_140222

We were also attacked by (giant) flies, grossed out by the idea of dead/rotting livestock (much like our rotting pumpkin – its life cycle continues outside),20151106_113142

plagued by large, festering boils, bludgeoned by a hailstorm, surrounded by locusts, blinded by, well, blindness (we made glasses with solid, dark lenses – made it pretty hard to see!), yet protected from death by the blood we marked on our doors for Passover.

I’m looking forward to seeing what next week brings!

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