Missing Addends, Star of the Week, & Veterans Day

In order to build our fact power, students in the Patience Fruit Stand had to work to find the missing addend in addition sentences. This required lots of thinking as the firsties used strategies such as subtraction, counting on, and their fact power memory to play games, build towers, and solve story problems. This is a TRICKY, TRICKY skill, requiring a full understanding of how numbers work!20151110_114318 20151110_114334 20151111_115101 20151111_115854 20151111_115856 20151113_133809 20151113_133951 20151113_134003

We also spent time honoring our nation’s veterans and learning about the different branches of the military. Mrs. Ursua visited and shared with us all about her job while in the navy. We got to see photographs of what her job entails and even try on navy uniforms worn by her and Mr. Ursua!

20151111_104630 20151111_104718 20151111_104913 20151111_105131 20151111_105300 20151111_105406 20151111_105540 20151111_141142 20151111_141221 20151111_141245 20151111_141322 20151111_141410 20151111_141448 20151111_141527 20151111_141603 20151111_141707 20151111_141758 20151111_141935 20151111_142110 20151111_142310

Another highlight of the week was celebrating our Star of the Week: Abigail! Each day Abigail shared something special with us, and at the end of the week received a book of letters the class wrote for her!

20151110_085358 20151110_085542 20151110_085938 20151113_095145 20151113_095922 20151113_100301 20151113_101650

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