Welcome Back!

Happy new year! I can’t believe it’s already 2016 and we’re halfway through the school year. The first week after Christmas break is down and we’re ready to move into our event week! Woo!

The weather outside has been a little crazy, to say the least. At the beginning of the week we enjoyed an indoor snowball fight to celebrate the falling snow and frigid temperatures outside.


So fun!

This week we focused on reviewing many of our second quarter skills. Ask your saint to explain the difference between a noun and a verb and give you examples. Have them show you one of the reading strategies they know. Ask them what they are writing about in Writers Workshop, and which story they will publish next.

We learned about how to use function machines to change numbers and find missing addends. We investigated coins and described their attributes, then counted collections of coins and used them to solve problems.


In Bible, we learned about Jesus’ boyhood. Students were amazed that He could teach, as they put it, “a bunch of grown-ups” when he was only 12!

Our science and social studies learning centered around putting the final touches on our in-class focus study projects. Students will share these projects with their friends and families at our Patience Grows event next week. Ask your firstie what they learned about bees!

As sad as it is to wrap up the quarter and leave Ox-Cart Man behind, we’re excited to move patience from the inside out as we begin exploring the theme of “Patience Glows!”

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