An Ambitious Project

Midway through the first quarter, the firsties are getting the hang of how to be first graders. Lines are formed much more quickly, workshop rotations transition more smoothly, messes are cleaned up more efficiently, and our stamina while reading and writing continues to build each day. It’s amazing, really, to see these little ones grow in their independence after only a few short weeks!

The firsties have been engrossed in several projects. The one that has most engaged them thus far sprang from their study of Noah. Although they have been learning about the patience of several Biblical figures, they seemed most interested in Noah. They wondered about his life and what it must have been like to follow God through something so incredible. They wondered what it was like to build an ark, to travel for such a long period with so many (stinky and loud) animals, and to trust God to fulfill His promise.

After reading the Biblical account of the flood, the firsties took note of each instruction given to Noah. Then they began to plan. Then they began to build.

20160913_11292220160913_11292420160913_11301020160913_11301720160913_11302020160913_11305420160913_11314620160913_11315020160913_11315320160913_11320920160913_11343120160913_13330320160913_13361620160913_133748This project continues to be ongoing as the firsties make discoveries, re-evaluate their thinking, discuss different ideas, and form new theories. They are working through math (measurement, addition/subtraction), Bible, physical science, social studies, and art concepts as they continue to pursue their ideas!

I can’t wait to see where their journey takes them next!


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