Welcome to the Second Quarter!

It’s hard to believe we’re already two weeks into the second quarter. We have been busy studying all things FALL, and kicked off the quarter with one of our favorite fall holidays: Halloween!

Check out our Frankensnacks!


The Firsties read a book about Frankenstein, then followed a yummy recipe to create a Frankenstein-themed snack. They all said it was their favorite way to eat a rice-krispie treat.

Our Fall themes have completely taken over math, science, and language as well – we’re using it to drive poll-taking, graphing, analyzing data, and measurement! Here is a peek at what we’ve been doing.


Notice that some of these bats are upside-down. Many firsties wanted to show how bats really “hang out.” 🙂


The firsties learned many things about bats this week. We read several nonfiction books and articles about bats, learned about all their parts, and were amazed to learn that a bat can eat about 600 mosquitoes in one hour! We also learned that although some bats to survive on the blood of animals, there are no bats that suck the blood of humans. A few firsties were disappointed. HA! We decided to serve a mosquito meal fit for a bat to help us visualize 600 mosquitoes. We figured out that if we placed 100 mosquitoes on each plate, we would need 6 plates to hold them all.


In the spirit of all things batty, we’ve been working on a project focused on one of our favorite fictional bats: Stellaluna. We’ve worked on using textual evidence to retell the story with a beginning-middle-and end, making inferences, using adjectives to describe the characters, describing point-of-view, charting character changes over time, and writing a summary. Some of these tasks required working in groups and others required working independently.



We also met a very special classroom visitor: Gobbles the Turkey. Did you know that Thanksgiving is coming very soon? Gobbles is worried that he might be eaten! He is looking for a good hiding place so that he’s safe until after our favorite turkey-eating holiday. The firsties wrote him a letter letting him know that he can hide here until after Thanksgiving. He has tried out a new hiding spot every day! The firsties spend the first few minutes of each day searching for him! He also writes us a letter each day asking for advice, sharing his favorite turkey-themed literature, and discussing his observations of our classroom. Turkeys aren’t always the best writers, though, so we always edit his letters for him, hoping to teach him some writing conventions before he leaves us.


On Tuesday, November 8th, our nation’s adults participated in the presidential election. In that spirit, our school held its own election: the Kindergarten Pumpkin Election. The Kinders created pumpkins to reflect the characters depicted in books they read. CCA Saints got to vote for their favorite.


Regardless of the outcome, participation in a fair and free election is crucial to understanding the democratic process. The firsties were thrilled to have their votes counted and see their voices be heard!

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