Patience Grows through the Ox-Cart Man!

Disclaimer: I have tons of photos that would be perfect for this post. Unfortunately, I feel this way about most of my blog posts, so I’ve used all of my 3G of free space over the last four years of blogging. In fact, WordPress will not even load my media library because it’s so full! We’re working out the technical difficulties this presents, so for now, enjoy this post with your imagination primed!

Thank you so much, firstie families, for making this week’s Fruitful Event a success. Your precious children worked so hard all quarter, and they truly shined! Here is a recap for those who may have missed it!

The first graders performed a skit through which they explained what they learned about each subject area, the farmers market, and how Ox-Cart Man and his family provide for themselves.

They then invited family members and friends to accompany them to their farmers market, where they traded their homemade goods with one another. I overheard so many great conversations between saints and parents as they asked great questions and gave detailed descriptions of their products and the processes of making them!

After the market came to a close, families joined the saints through four activity stations. At the first station, visitors were challenged to use the information they gleaned from the opening skit to sort goods into two categories: produced on Ox-Cart Man’s farm, or purchased at the market. Families could use the text to further support their conclusions, which is a skill we practiced this quarter.

Another station encouraged saints to share the work they completed this quarter with our visitors. Each saint’s binder represented examples of work from each subject area. The saints also completed an integrated focus study project requiring saints to research Ox-Cart Man’s home state, and demonstrate learning in math, science, social studies, Bible, and language-arts!

During the skit, Ox-Cart Man asked for help with a special project. Every year, the man sells everything he has at the market, even his ox and cart. When he returns home, he must build a new cart for the following year. Ox-Cart Man asked us to help him measure his old cart using links, snap cubes, and rulers, skills we practiced throughout the second quarter, so he would have the dimensions necessary to build next year’s cart.

The most delicious station allowed saints and visitors to sample one of the goods produced on Ox-Cart Man’s farm: maple syrup! What better way to taste maple syrup than on waffles?

If you were able to see how patience grew throughout the second quarter at our fruitful event, we truly hope you enjoyed it. If not, we hope you’ve gotten a little taste of our learning here! Be sure to join us for the next one! 🙂



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