Force & Motion

We’ve had another busy, yet full of fun, week in the Patience Fruit Stand! One of our focuses this week has been the study of force and motion. The first graders learned that force is used whenever one object acts upon another. We used the example of someone pressing half an orange into a juicer. Forces can either be pushes or pulls. When a force is acted upon an object, it causes that object to be in motion. We explored these ideas through a series of experiments.

1. In what ways can I use a straw to move a pom pom?

2. What materials can I use to move a book?

3. Which objects move down a ramp?

While working with the ramp, students noticed that some items moved on their own, without being pushed. They wondered what could be pulling them down the ramp.

The next day, we explored gravity. For homework, the students designed egg catchers, devices that would either protect an egg as it fell or cushion an egg as it hit the ground. On the playground, we tested each device.

We had a 100% success rate! Awesome! Students noticed that even if they didn’t push their egg catchers toward the ground, the items still fell. They learned that gravity always pulls objects toward the center of the earth. They were able to relate this discovery to the ramp activity, where even though objects were not pushed or pulled down the ramp, they still went down!

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