Fall in Full Swing

Over the first two weeks of the first quarter, the firsties have jumped right in to seeing how patience grows.

They’ve been studying “how to” writing by reading (both good and bad) written instructions and attempting to follow them, and kicked off their inquiry through creating and writing about a snack mix! They used their new skills to create and write about a Frankensnack.

On Thursday, students learned about different branches of the US military and what it means to be a veteran. To thank those who have served our country, the firsties wrote letters either to service men and women they personally knew, or unnamed veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. You can check them out in the main hallway.

In math, the firsties have been practicing measurement using non-standard items, such as blocks, paperclips, and linking cubes. They’ve also continued to review and practice place value concepts, like expanded form, and graphing meaningful collected data.

After learning all about bats in science last week, during reader’s workshop, the firsties have been engaged in a character study of one of our favorite story characters: Stellaluna. They’ve learned how characters change, how one little event can start a series, and all about point of view.

We’ve been studying Moses in Bible, and how no matter how little faith the Istaelites had, God continued to keep his promises and take care of his peoole. The firsties weaved paper baskets like the one that held infant Moses in the river, created their own version of the burning bush using paints, wrote and illustrated their own books about the 10 plagues of Egypt, and created a depiction of Moses bringing the 10 Commandments.

It’s been a busy 2nd quarter beginning, and we still have so much to learn! Can’t wait to see where the quarter takes us!

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