100th Day, Groundhog’s Day, Star Wars Day, Oh My!

We have been very busy in the Patience Fruit Stand!

This last week was a week of celebrations. The 100th day of school and Groundhog’s Day both fell on Tuesday, February 2nd, and our school-wide Star Wars Day surprised all the kiddos on Friday!

We ate a snack comprised of 100 items, modeled our 100th day shirts (which were fabulous!), made necklaces of 100 Froot Loops, created hats filled with ten 10-frames, all showing a different way to decompose 10, designed towers of 100 cups, predicted and tested the distance of 100 footsteps, created stories of what it would be like to be 100 years old, and wrote 100 words. Here is a little peek into our 100th Day fun!



For Groundhog’s Day, we predicted whether or not the groundhog (Ol’ Punxsutawney Phil) would see his shadow. Most of us were right! We predicted that he would not see his shadow and that spring would be coming soon! We also read Groundhog Day by Gail Gibbons and watched a short science video about groundhogs.

Star Wars Day was described as the “best day ever” by several students in the Patience Fruit Stand. From watching an epic battle between Yoda and Darth Vader, to Jedi Training, to creating their own lightsabers, to writing their own space-themed stories (one was about space cats, because, of course), to designing and building their own space ships out of popsicle sticks, to playing Storm Trooper Blast in P.E., to visiting the 6th grade lego museum, it was a funtastic day filled with excitement and learning. Check out some of the fun!

I had to watch out for the Jawa all day. No one wants to be sold for parts!
Creating a spaceship masterpiece!
She was going for a geometric design.


Hanging out with my best bud, R2D2, and my owner, Master Luke.


The force is strong with those who enter here.


Watch out! Lightsaber battles await!
Storm Trooper Blast probably looked a lot like Dodgeball to the untrained eye.


Our inspiration during spaceship design.



At chapel, we learned that the Bible tells us to put on the armor of God and take up our lightsaber (Maybe sword. Probably lightsaber.), which is the Word of God. We learned that God’s Word is the strongest weapon we would ever need against the dark side.

Pick up your lightsabers, everyone. May the force be with you.

Happy 100th Day, Y’all!

1899496_638143526221719_1367021832_o100 days of this school year have come and gone.  It’s amazing how fast every year passes by – I’m always in awe at how much the firsties have learned and changed at this point in the year.  Here’s a little recap of how we spent our 100th day of first grade!

The firsties each made and wore a 100th day t-shirt, complete with 100 items.  Here they are!

Anthony made a cape using 100 bingo dauber dots. We called him Super Anthony all day!  🙂

20140221_145720 (1)

Jac’s shirt displayed 100 red fleurs de lis. Way to show school spirit, Jac!


Olivia’s shirt used 100 dots to create beautiful flowers. So creative!


Kayla ironed on 100 patches!  They were so cool!


James made 100 tally marks on his shirt. Love the math connection!


Brennan’s shirt showed us 100 sea life stickers. Whales, crabs, and sharks, oh my!


Kaylee really had her eye on us with this one.  Ha!


Madilyn’s shirt was good enough to eat.  100 cupcakes!  Yum!


Jehlani fluttered through the day as a butterfly, created using 100 buttons!


Kylie’s shirt posted 100 pink polka dots.


Bryce’s shirt of 100 smileys and silly faces had us giggling all day long!


Lena’s shirt (which I somehow missed getting a picture of, dagnabbit!) illustrated 100 Ninja Turtles. Here’s the back – in the chapel crowd!  It was super cute!


We shared our shirts during Morning Meeting.  Everyone got to see what everyone else made.  We loved how different they all were!  

After chapel and a little reader’s workshop, we wrote about what we thought we’d be like if we were 100 years old.  Their ideas ranged from the need for hearing aides and false teeth, service dogs and stair lifts, to the probability that they might already be dead by then (my little realists).  They all included their possible physical attributes, like wrinkles and gray hair. They then drew awesome illustrations for their stories. Look for them in the hallway next week! I’m running out of wall space by the 1st grade room, so you might have to check down another hallway.

We combined our class with kindergarten for P.E., where we counted how many times we could recite the alphabet, count to 10, stand up and sit back down, hop, blink, and clap in 100 seconds. They very quickly realized how long 100 seconds really is!  Kiddos who started out clapping really fast were clapping much more slowly by the end. All that movement was exhausting!

In math, children predicted how far 100 steps would take them. They wrote their predictions and illustrated them. Then they started at the classroom door and actually counted out 100 steps to see where they really ended up. Many friends were surprised that they didn’t get as far as they expected, while some had made predictions that were exactly right!  Yay estimation!

Of course, we also had chapel this morning. We learned about what it means for God to be a jealous God. We discussed why its okay to be jealous of things that already belong to us, just as we already belong to Him, but not okay to be jealous of things that belong to others. The Lord doesn’t ever want to let us go!