Welcome to Central Christian Academy’s 1st Grade Patience Fruit Stand!

Central Christian Academy is an accredited, Christian school servicing children from 2.5 years old through 6th grade.

The mission of Central Christian Academy is to provide an education that will equip saints with the knowledge and experiences they need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow the fruit of the Spirit within their home, church, and school.


In first grade, the fruit of the Spirit is patience.

The ACOs are observed during whole group instruction, independent work, small group time, and individual instruction.
In the first quarter, patience is groomed.
During the first quarter in the Patience Fruit Stand, the saints focus on how God is grooming us for His purpose. His grooming takes a long time and requires patience through challenging endeavors. The first grade saints will read Uncle Jed’s Barbershop, seeing how Uncle Jed endures challenges and fulfills his lifelong dream and God’s purpose through long-suffering. The first grade year requires a lot of hard work and patience, too. The saints are groomed into readers, mathematicians, and responsible citizens. This means they spend time during the first quarter learning classroom rules and procedures, establishing routines, and building stamina.  They understand that God is grooming them to take care of His world.  They review how God created the world and placed man in it to care for it. They also learn how God established families, and that He wants to groom the saints into responsible members of their families.
In the second quarter, patience grows.
Throughout the second quarter in the Patience Fruit Stand, the saints explore the patience of generations past to use in the present for their future. As they read the book,
Ox-cart Man, the saints observe the seasons and the Ox-Cart Man’s preparation of goods to sell throughout the year. They grow an awareness of how people are consumers and producers of goods and services.  They grow patience as they follow the steps of producing their own goods to trade. Their math skills grow as they recognize the value of numbers through their study of place value, measurement, and basic facts. The saints’ reading and writing skills develop as they grow ideas and opinions and then compose stories to share. They discover how God’s Word is a guide to growing patience from the past, in the
present, and for the future.
In the third quarter, patience glows.
The third quarter in the Patience Fruit Stand allows the saints to glow. In the book,
Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, the saints watch Abbie glow as she cares for her family and manages the lighthouse. Just as a lighthouse glows to lead boats out of the storm, Christ glows through people, places, and ideas. The first graders obtain glowing knowledge as their literacy and math skills expand. They learn about glowing heroes from our past. While investigating the world, they develop mapping skills and study different habitats. The first grade saint understands that a glowing church is both a physical location as well as the living people who love, care, share, believe, and serve within it.
In the fourth quarter, patience gives.
The first grade saints have been groomed to grow patience and now glow with the light of
Christ. This final quarter allows them to give patience to others. As they read Miss Rumphius they will discover how the “Lupine Lady” made the world a better place.
The saints discuss ways they can make the world a better place too. They continue to develop abilities in math, reading, and writing, and learn more about God’s creation of earth and space systems and life cycles. End of the year service projects provide the saints an opportunity to give to the community