Fall is here!

Or so the calendar says. The thermometer doesn’t seem to agree! 85 degrees, today! Shew!

Well, we’re still celebrating FALL! It’s been all apples and pumpkins around here lately, and we’ve been using them to study math, science, social studies, writing, and the Truth of God’s Word! Check it out!20160923_081943


The firsties worked very hard to test their circumference predictions for their own apples using yarn.


They tested whether their apples would sink or float after making predictions. Boy were they surprised by the result!


The firsties found the weight of their apples using counting bears and snap cubes, discovering the properties of balance.


After making predictions, the firsties measured the height of their apples using snap cubes!


The firsties taste-tested their apples and decided which type of apple they like  best, then graphed the class’ results.


Did you know there is a star inside every apple?


It wouldn’t be an apple celebration without a little cooking. We made homemade applesauce!


The firsties each created a glyph to describe themselves and then used the glyph to write about themselves.


Finally, it was time to do a little pumpkin investigating!


We also measured its circumference using the string method we’d practiced on the apples, opened up the pumpkin to feel and describe its insides, and ultimately baked its delicious pumpkin seeds.


Finally, we allowed nature to take its course and checked out what happens to pumpkins when they are left out. It was pretty gross. We learned all about rotting and decomposition. After that, we dumped our pumpkin by the playground fence so we could continue to observe our pumpkin’s slow return to the earth. Unfortunately, that was right before Hurricane Matthew payed us a visit, so our dear pumpkin was washed away.


We learned all about the pumpkin’s life cycle, created a glyph and wrote about them, and recorded our scientific thinking. We also read a few books about apples and pumpkins and recorded our thinking about them.


We hope you are immeasurably blessed this fall season as well!