Field Trip to the Virginia Living Museum & the Weekly Wrap-Up

To wrap up our study of habitats, the firsties and second graders went on a field trip to the Virginia Living Museum. Ohmyword. It was amazing!

I can’t tell you how many times a student said, “that’s just like what we learned!” or “I just wrote a story in Writer’s Workshop about that!” They were using a lot of the great vocabulary we learned, like ‘predator,’ ‘prey,’ ‘coniferous,’ ‘deciduous,’ ‘omnivore,’ ‘herbivore,’ and ‘carnivore!’ Of course, we were all asking a million questions about all the things we were seeing, building and expanding our schema as we observed God’s precious creatures. I have so many photos but they’re on my phone, which is dead now from taking so many pictures! I’ll get them up soon.

Some of the students’ favorite animals were the otter, the bees, the jellies (my personal favorite!), and the wolves. It was so cool to see the habitats we’d learned about come to life!

Now for the Weekly Wrap-Up!

This week, we learned about Martha and Mary. We learned that although both sisters loved Jesus very much, and wanted to show Him their love, Martha chose keeping busy instead of listening to Jesus’ teachings. Mary, however, chose to sit and spend time with her Lord. We talked about how a lot of times, we get so busy that we forget the better choice, spending time with the God who loves us!

In Reader’s Workshop, we learned about how asking good questions during reading helps us to connect and build comprehension.

In Math, we reviewed place value, time, and practiced our math facts to build fact power.

In Science, we learned all about the Rainforest. Ask your child about their favorite Rainforest animal, and what animal is currently hanging around our classroom! We also hung up our forest mural from last week. Hurry and see it – the animals will come down before the literacy event so they can be placed in binders!

Reminder – the literacy event for Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie is on Wednesday at 1:30 in the chapel room. If you would like to volunteer to bring in an ocean-themed snack or drink, please let me know as soon as possible (no seafood, please).  We can’t wait to share our learning with you!

Also, please remember that the habitat projects/animal reports are due MONDAY the 25th!  They will be on display outside our classroom for literacy event week, and will be sent home with your child, graded, on Thursday.  I have been hearing lots of details from the firsties about their projects.  I can’t wait to see them!!

Enjoy the sunny (but chilly!) weather this weekend!